The Moving Moments


TODAY the word is OPTIMISM

Optimism is based in a belief that things are temporary and will definitely change for the better.  Optimism is the ability to believe in yourself that whatever you might be experiencing is transient.  You know in your heart that things will get better.  Remember it is never about the situations we go thru its all about how we experience them.  In order for Optimism to be a part of your life you need to OPT into it.  Take the bull by the horns.  Know it in the deepest part of who you are that you will not only survive this challenge but that you will thrive thru it.

Optimism is about growth.  It’s yet another step in believing in yourself and your potential.  Remember the other day I spoke about value – this is one more reason why value is intrinsic to everything that flows from you.  Again, define who you are so deeply that no one can ever shatter that belief.  This is a practice that can in time become so embedded.

Wake up everyday believing that it will be another great day despite anything that happens to the contrary.  Positive outcomes often come from negative starts.  Take the time to look at what’s happening and why.  Find the good in everything.  The more you practice it the more natural it becomes.  Don’t look for all the ways to fail when confronted with a challenge, look for the opportunities in that challenge.  Your thoughts are your life.  Your thoughts and practices can create an amazing life if you will only look at all the opportunities you are presented with every single day.

I’ve often heard some people say “Well the reality is…….”  No, you are your own reality.  You decide what reality is for you.  Don’t let anyone or anything create your reality but you.

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