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The topic for today is KINDNESS

What is so incredible about this word.  I’ll tell you that it is one of the most mind-blowing, feel-good words out there.  Take the time not only to participate in this act, but to feel it when it happens.  A simple act of kindness, as it is often described, is so inconceivably far from anything deemed simple.  KINDNESS is so many things to so many people that such feelings would take hours to put into words.  One act of KINDNESS reverberates thru out humanity.  There is no cost to it and its payback is a hundred fold.  One could not ask for a better investment.

Kid chasing pigeons

KINDNESS feels like a fire that deepens during the act, like your favorite dessert that turns out to be bottomless, like a hug from someone near and dear to you, like an overall feeling of love or like the best day you ever had.  These are but a few samplings of the feeling of KINDNESS.  An act of KINDNESS may change the way you feel the rest of the day and will certainly affect all the individuals that you interact with afterwards.

We have yet to examine the effects of the receiver of that act of KINDNESS.  You may have prevented something unspeakable from happening to that person’s life.  You may have altered that person’s outlook for the better.    But while you may have improved a part of that person’s life, the one thing that is evident is that you have brought about a transformation in some way.

Acts of KINDNESS are not limited to humans but to any living thing.  Animals are one of the most gratifying reflections of KINDNESS.  Wherever you choose to act with KINDNESS, know for sure it is one of the most loving things that you can accomplish.

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